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US trade control laws, regulations, and procedures can present a daunting challenge to experienced global corporations and a disconcerting obstacle to small and medium-sized exporters. Because of the costs of noncompliance can be crippling, compliance with US trade controls is simply good business. John Black & Associates, Ltd. (JBA) helps companies around the world succeed in complying with US trade controls while minimizing the burden of compliance.

JBA uses its extensive experience with both government regulatory agencies and the private sector to provide cost-effective answers to its clients’ compliance challenges. JBA specializes in advising companies on how to best comply with export, import, transaction, and activity regulations administered by the US Departments of Commerce, State, and Treasury. While it is important to understand rules and regulations, our most important task is to help our clients maintain export compliance.

Compliance issues that JBA can help your company with include:

Maintaining Export Control Compliance

The nuances and complexities of the multitude of US export regulations can sometimes make even routine corporate export compliance matters difficult to assess. Corporations often get lost in the regulatory minutia. JBA helps corporations orient themselves, and isolate the relevant compliance issues and associated regulations.

JBA consultants have a sophisticated understanding of all of the US export regulations as well as the Washington regulatory bureaucracy. JBA’s outside advisory role to numerous companies across a variety of industries often allows it to offer new and broader perspectives on export compliance problems. JBA’s knowledge of the Washington export compliance bureaucracy allows it to act as a liaison for companies in obtaining helpful interpretations in a low profile manner. Major corporations rely on JBA consultants’ expert advice to obtain proper regulatory interpretations along with realistic assessments of agency regulating activity. Major corporations depend on JBA to identify new control regulatory trends and to analyze their impact.


Implementation of Company Compliance Procedure

JBA consultants have vast experience in helping companies implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with US trade control rules and regulations. Effective internal control programs both ensure compliance and mitigate potential penalties resulting from violations. JBA’s staff recognizes that effective compliance procedures have to be customized for an individual client for seamless integration into the client's way of doing business. JBA has helped its clients map out realistic compliance approaches utilizing both automated and manual compliance procedures based on our clients' respective resources, export volume and export activities. JBA has helped companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries draft comprehensive internal control procedures and policy manuals.


Obtaining Export Licenses

JBA consultants have been successful in obtaining export and re-export licenses for a wide range of sensitive military and commercial products from the Departments of State, Treasury, and Commerce. JBA has even obtained licenses for highly sensitive countries including Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, the People’s Republic of China, and Syria. We do not guarantee approvals, but we do promise to use our extensive experience to ensure that we make the best possible arguments for license approval as expeditiously as possible. Most importantly, we carefully review our clients' proposed export or re-export transactions to determine if they actually need a license and analyze potential avenues for restructuring the transaction so that a license is not required.


Consulting to Non-US Companies

JBA’s clients include prominent companies located outside of the United States. JBA recognizes that the US rules applicable to non-US companies often are more complex than the rules applicable to companies in the United States. We have extensive experience in helping clients analyze the US de minimis rules applicable to foreign items with US content and helping our clients decipher issues uniquely applicable to outside of the United States.



JBA consultants are known around the world as premier teachers in the field of US trade controls. JBA consultants have been featured speakers in conferences and seminars throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. JBA cuts through the complex regulatory language to provide easy-to-understand explanations of the rules and concrete examples of strategies and procedures companies can use to follow the rules.

JBA consultants frequently teach at the Export Compliance Training Institute’s seminars on defense trade controls, commercial & sanctions controls, and controls on non-US transactions. The seminars are held throughout the United States and worldwide.

JBA specializes in developing customized in-house training programs with computer-generated slides and extensive training manuals that focus on an individual client’s particular products and issues.


Product Classification

JBA’s consultants have classified well over 100,000 products and technologies in a wide range of industries including aerospace, information security/encryption, computers, software, chemicals, medical, telecommunications, electronics, instrumentation, metals and advanced materials, oil exploration and services, manufacturing equipment, and defense. JBA specializes in helping its clients determine their determine their classifications under the US Munitions List, Commerce Control List, and Schedule B List. JBA has been extremely successful in obtaining favorable US Government classification and jurisdiction rulings for many of its clients' products.


Antiboycott Regulations

The Commerce Department has imposed more penalties for violations of its antiboycott regulations that it has for all other Commerce trade control regulations combined. JBA has mastered the ins and outs of what may be the most complex set of US trade control rules. We have helped US companies and their foreign subsidiaries determine which of their activities are subject to the antiboycott rules. We also work with our clients to determine whether a potential activity is prohibited and if a request must be reported in the quarterly report to the Commerce Department.


Compliance Audits

Our objective in conducting corporate compliance audits is to assess the strength of compliance procedures and make constructive recommendations for their improvement. In our audits, we review a client's export procedures to determine their effectiveness and efficiency. We not only investigate whether proper procedures are in place, but also investigate whether any unnecessary or excessive procedures can be eliminated or simplified. Our extensive knowledge of US trade control regulations and product classifications, and our success in helping companies implement compliance procedures make us uniquely qualified to conduct a thorough compliance system review and deliver a direct, constructive, and useful audit report.


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